Vehicle Branding


Vehicle branding is a form of outdoor media. Imagine how you would brand creative concepts and ideas onto your company vehicles using the latest branding innovation and standard materials (PVC/ mesh graphic tensioning system specifically for branding vehicles). That is where branding comes in; at Zein Noor Media, we help transform artwork to reality by applying it onto your vehicles. Vehicle branding is not only high impact but also quite a cost effective way to market a brand in the form of products or services. It simply catches the eyes of thousands of people every single just at a glance. This is a perfect way of using visual communication to advertise. The materials we use are standard and durable. We ensure that you get the best by keenly conceptualizing your artwork design to effectively fit the advertisement campaign.


The full branding package allows you to brand you fleet entirely. Branding ensures that the material is standard and durable. The package is a perfect opportunity to generate awareness about your brand fast. The clients have the opportunity to view the displayed products and services at any angle even when stuck in jam! Full branding allows immense and limitless creativity by integrating graphic elements that make the entire artwork with the power of striking attention. At Zein Noor Media, we may utilize premium cast vinyl to paste onto your entire bus, track, van or car which may be removed later to paste up new products! There is no limit to the number of times to which you may give your fleet a completely brand new look.


Branded containers utilise colour and graphics to create a great impression for your company. At Zein Noor Media, we do container branding which is an innovative advertisement medium that greatly benefits the advertiser. This is because the containers have a splendid outreach upcountry and effectively applies to rural audiences. Therefore, there is no gainsaying the advantage of this media since it impacts on a very broad number of prospects. Container branding cum advertising definitely cuts across.


Zein Noor Media provides the opportunity to brand even your wheel covers. They are designed precisely to provide your car or fleet with the needed aesthetic boost. It is a form of advertising in motion, so you can just imagine how much it generates broad viewership. You may opt for this advertisement tool since it is relatively affordable, easy to install and made of durable material. The best part is that they may be customized to your specifications to best bring out your brand.


Partial branding is a special package whereby, we brand your car, bus track or van partially. This package is a great option for clients who simply want to paste up their corporate logos, brand name or a minor piece of artwork onto their fleet. At Zein Noor Media, we ensure few parts of the vehicle get covered with the advertising artwork. It is cost friendly and still allows you to advertise your products and services while the vehicles are in motion.


At Zein Noor Media, we offer motorcycle branding on both the motorbike & the carrier box. This will help your brand get noticed in the traffic. We are a leading motorcycle/ bike  branding  branding company in Kenya.